About Us

We are from Montana, and we live in Montana

Our Approach

At The Insurance Exchange, we believe protecting your most important assets is essential to peace of mind. We understand that the cost of insurance is an important factor, but the cost cannot be the only factor in your purchasing decision. We first look at coverage and then find the most reasonably priced insurance products that meet your needs.

Our Story

We have been servicing Montana as an independent insurance agency for over 20 years. We have worked hard to represent the finest insurance carriers in Montana and are proud of our ability to offer quotes with several of the nation’s top insurance providers.

We believe that no single insurance company can meet the needs of all individuals, not even most individuals. This is even more true in a state like Montana, with wide-open spaces, forest land, and urban living as well. We have companies that work across a broad range of risks in this wonderful area of the world.

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